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PCOS treatment starts with the right PCOS diet

What is PCOS?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a medical condition in which cysts are formed inside the ovaries. As the name suggests poly means many, multiple cysts are formed inside the ovaries. In PCOS, many tiny fluid-filled sacs grow inside the ovaries. These sacs are actually follicles containing an immature egg. These eggs do not mature enough, hence they cant trigger ovulation in a woman's body. Women suffering from PCOS get lesser periods than normal women. The other side effects of PCOS include hair loss, abnormal weight gain, and irregular periods.

How PCOS is caused?

Ovaries in the female body are responsible for the release of the female sex hormones which are called estrogen and progesterone. Ovaries also produce a small amount of male sex hormone called the androgens. These hormones are responsible for the enhancement of the formation of eggs in the ovaries during the menstrual cycle. An imbalance in these hormones results in PCOS.

In PCOS, ovaries start producing more male sex hormones, and androgens than usual causing a barrier in the ovulation cycle. One or two eggs are released from the follicles during the menstrual cycle, but in the case of PCOS, the eggs are not mature to be released in the menstrual cycle and stay in the ovaries without any activity. These are the eggs that turn into cysts after a period of time.

Role of diet in treating PCOS

A healthy and wholesome diet is the first step in tackling PCOS. The right food and a healthy lifestyle can help balance hormonal secretion. It is very important to maintain the right amount of insulin level in the body. Women suffering from PCOS will have a higher amount of insulin in their bodies than normal women. Insulin level causes hormonal imbalance, therefore it is critical to keep a check on insulin which can be achieved by opting for food that is rich in refined carbohydrates. Given below is a list of food and nutrition that can help to ameliorate the PCOS condition -

  • Adding Iron Rich food to your diet

In PCOS, the bleeding during the menstrual cycle is very heavy than in normal women. This amount of blood loss can lead to iron deficiency. This can result in the women becoming anaemic. Adding foods that have a high content of iron can help prevent this condition. The best sources of iron-rich food are spinach, broccoli, liver and eggs.

  • Increasing the intake of Magnesium

Magnesium-rich foods help to maintain the insulin level and also help the body to get proper sleep. This can restore the hormonal imbalance caused due to PCOS. Magnesium-rich foods are cashews, almonds, bananas and spinach.

  • Restricting coffee consumption

Coffee contains caffeine which can stimulate the body by increasing estrogen levels. It is advised to prefer herbal tea over coffee because coffee can lead to disturbing the hormonal balance.


Combining a healthy dietary plan with a balanced lifestyle can surely help reduce stress and therefore can help in maintaining the balance of hormone secretion. The role of food is vital when you are suffering from PCOS. With the right nutrition intake and professional medical advice, PCOS can be treated easily.

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