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Can You Really Have a Normal Delivery After a C-section?

It has been quite a concern for many women over a long period of time in the stage of pregnancy that is a normal delivery feasible if the last baby arrived through a cesarian section? Well, the answer is partial yes, a vaginal birth after a C-section is possible for many women. Still, it is a partial yes only because there are a lot of factors involved in taking this decision which depends on you and your doctor. To better understand this critical decision, you can get in touch with the best C-section surgeon in golf course road, Shushant Lok, DLF Phase 3.

Among the numerous vital factors that determine the answer to this dilemma, the most important part is to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. It cannot be said that Vaginal Birth after a C-section is safe for all women.

In many cases where vaginal birth is attempted and there is a high risk of complications, life-threatening problems can be encountered both for the mother and the baby. Therefore it is extremely necessary to get consulted and check out all the possible complications before deciding the method of delivery. The following are some general yet highly important factors that explain the benefit and conditions for a vaginal birth after a C-section.

  • The health of the mother and the baby

For Vaginal birth to be preferred after a C-section, the doctors accurately check for the overall health conditions and risks that can be associated with any past diseases, deficiencies or genetic hindrances. Only when the health of the mother and the baby is substantially good, then only vaginal birth be considered. If the conditions are precisely examined and the doctors are satisfied that you are healthy, even the delivery of twins can take place with the vaginal birth method.

Doctors sometimes suggest that vaginal birth can be too risky if any of the mentioned risks are found:

  • Obesity ( a body mass index of 30 or higher )

  • Preeclampsia ( high blood pressure during pregnancy )

  • The last cesarian took place in the last 19 months.

  • The fetus is larger than the average fetus size.

Get your mind free from these risks with the help of an experienced and trusted Gynaecologist in Golf course road, Shusant Lok, DLF Phase 3.

  • The type of C-section scar from the last process

Doctors make incisions (cuts in the abdomen and uterus) in two different directions during a C-section:

1- A vertical cut goes from top to bottom

2- A transverse cut goes from side to side

In the case of a vertical C - section scar, it is not possible to go for a vaginal birth because of the high possibility of damaging the scar or rupturing it during the vaginal birth. So, in this case, you have to select C-section again. But if the scar is low and traverse, a vaginal birth may be attempted if the other risk factors are considerably low.


Hence, conclusively it can be said that vaginal birth after a C-section is surely possible but there are factors associated with it that can never be ignored. To understand the risk factors better and take the final call, IVF centres on Golf Course Road, Shusant Lok, DLF Phase 3 can be your reliable stop. Consider the doctor's advice and understand all the complications before taking the final decision.

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