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Blessings Fertility welcomes international patients

India is a leading destination for high quality and convenient, yet affordable fertility treatment for patients from many countries. The top-class clinical facilities and infrastructure of Indian hospitals suits the needs of patients belonging to all budgets. 

Blessings Fertility welcomes all international childless couples seeking expert advice and treatment. Dr Parul Katiyar has successfully treated hundreds of childless couples from all over the world over last fifteen years.

Here are some frequently asked questions from international patients.

1. How much time is required for planning one IVF cycle and when should we come to India?

In general it takes around three weeks to complete one IVF cycle, provided there are no other conditions requiring treatment before the IVF. The optimum time to come for a consultation is a couple of days before the start of menstruation so that all pre-IVF investigations can be completed before the start of menstruation.

2. What are the success rates of IVF?

The chances of success of IVF in a specific case depend on a number of factors. Dr parul Katiyar offers individualised treatment options for each couple so as to maximize the chances of success. Overall, our success rate is at par with the best centres in the world.

3. Are the rules and regulations for infertility treatment for international patients different from those for Indian citizens?

The governing rules and regulations for treatment of infertility are same for all patients irrespective of their nationality, except for treatment involving surrogacy. Surrogacy for non-Indian patients is not permissible as per the latest regulations by the Govt of India. 

4. What is the average cost of infertility treatment under your care?

Infertility treatment can be in many different forms and, therefore, it is difficult to predict actual cost of treatment without full evaluation of your individual case. Dr Parul Katiyar offers individualised treatment that is most suitable for a specific case. The most commonly performed procedure for treatment of infertility is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). In a typical case, the cost for the IVF procedure can range between US$4,000- 5,000, which covers the cost of the IVF procedure and medicines used for treatment. In some cases additional diagnostic and/ or therapeutic procedures may be required, which will cost extra. The detailed costing for such additional procedures can be provided after detailed discussion of your case.

5. What are the other treatment costs besides the charges for IVF?

In many cases of complex infertility, diagnostic or fertility enhancing surgeries- including, but not limited to, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, may be required. You will have to bear the expense for such surgical interventions separately. Similarly, the cost for treatment or service relating to any comorbidity or complication of the treatment will also have to be borne by you.

6. What factors should I consider before planning fertility treatment under your care?

When planning fertility treatment with us, please keep the following points in mind-

a. Cost of treatment
b. Length of stay in India for the treatment
c. Itinerary and scheduled tests and medical procedures
d. Logistics and costs – airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, etc.

7. How complicated and time drawn are the visa formalities?

The visa application process is similar as for a regular tourist visa. Patients seeking treatment in India are generally eligible for “M visa” (M standing for Medical). M visa allows you a longer term stay in India. However, if your treatment requires frequent visits, you may opt for a multiple entry visa for which you need a letter from the hospital. Once you confirm that you will be coming for fertility treatment with us, we will arrange a visa invitation letter to be submitted with the Indian Embassy in your country. You will also be given a copy of the letter.

8. What details should I furnish while requesting you for a visa invitation letter?

Please send us the following details via email if you want us to send a visa requisition letter to the Indian Embassy in your country:

a. Name of the patient’s home country
b. Patient’s name and passport number
c. Name and passport number of the accompanying persons
d. The planned date of arrival in India

If you have any more questions, you can contact Dr Parul Katiyar right away. Please provide as much details as possible about the clinical history (both partners), previous investigations or treatment, any co-existing diseases like Diabetes or hypertension and current medications (if any). If you have been referred by a doctor or clinic in your home country, please also share the prescription/ referral letter and contact details of the referring doctor/ clinic.

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