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How should an international patient select an IVF services provider in India


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Ever since the second IVF child in the world was borne in Mumbai in year 1978, India has made rapid strides in the field of infertility care. Over these 40 years the no of registered ART service providers in India has grown to over 400 (as per ICMR Registry of ART centres). Several of these centres are equipped with the latest technological infrastructure, have highly experienced clinicians and deliver success rates at par with the best centre across the world. These facts also make India one of the most favoured destinations for international patients seeking infertility treatment.

However, the international patients coming to India for treatment need to be careful while selecting the fertility clinic and treating experts. As per estimates, there are over 2,000 active ART service providers in India and most of the renters located in cities with international air connectivity try to attract patients from abroad. The patients, therefore need to exercise some caution and do their homework well before making their choices. Here is a quick guide cum checklist which can help patients make educated choices for their infertility treatment in India.

  1. Ethical treatment

  2. Make sure to read, understand and sign an informed consent before starting treatment

  3. Ask for “Real time”, comprehensive & non – editable data capture, and for complete, comprehendible and timely information sharing

  4. Ensure the centre and the treating clinicians are following the law of the land with respect to treatment options like surrogacy

  5. Transparent pricing

  6. Know what is included and what is excluded in the packages

  7. Beware of “Buy one, get one free” schemes – you need the best care, nit a guarantee against failure!

  8. Understand the surrogacy and donor programs the centre is offering, as these typically come with surprises

  9. Credibility of the centre and treating doctors

  10. Ask for the academic credentials and experience of the treating doctors

  11. Check if the centre has clinical protocols based on scientific evidence in place

  12. Check for the experience of embryology team

  13. Clinical excellence

  14. Check the treatment success rate for both centre and the treating doctor

  15. Ask if there is some published data and literature for documented success

  16. Do look out for genuine patient testimonials

  17. Infrastructure and accreditation

  18. Ensure the centre has good laboratory infrastructure and has advanced treatment facilities

  19. Check if the centre has all valid licenses to offer treatment and has been accredited by the agencies like NABH/ ISAR/ FEQH

  20. Make sure the centre is easily accessible and the locality has a community to support international guests like you

  21. Patient centric treatment approach

  22. In-house counselling in a comforting environment

  23. Ensuring care and compassion during treatment

  24. Comprehensive services at every centre

I hope this information helps patients make better decisions. Please contact Dr Parul Katiyar at, if you have any questions regarding infertility treatment in India.

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