Treatment Options

The key to appropriate infertility management is to understand the real underlying problem so that required corrective steps can be taken. The initial assessment of the couple plays a key role in finding out the root cause of reduced fertility. The initial assessment of the couple is directed at studying the structure and functions of reproductive organs and at evaluating the hormonal balance and functions in both the partners.Another very important question is when one should see a fertility specialist because, in our country, a lot of stigma is still attached with the idea of consulting a doctor for fertility issues. We suggest that the couple should seek an expert opinion when they have not been successful at conception after at least one year of regular attempt at the same. An early consultation with an expert may be warranted in case there is a known biological or hereditary reason for infertility.

Dr Parul Katiyar is an infertility expert dealing only with infertility cases and provides holistic treatment for all kinds of infertility, ranging from counselling to advanced fertility treatment.