We are a UK couple who have been trying to conceive for over 7 years. With Dr Parul’s help, we were delighted to welcome the arrival of our son, Robin into our lives. After spending over 4 years in the UK on IVF treatments we came to India, initially for egg donation, and later for surrogacy. We started and remained under the care of Dr Parul. As you can imagine for any foreign couple, we were confused and at times struggled to understand the different care options and the regulatory systems in place. Dr Parul provided clear, honest and direct advice at all times and and ensured that we received the highest quality care while we were in treatment. She is compassionate and clearly cares deeply about her patients and their success in treatment. She was always willing to talk things through when we had questions and helped us make difficult decisions when we needed to. When seeking treatment in India, it is most important that you find practitioners you can trust to ensure that you get the right care and to the best of standards. We would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Parul who time and again has shown that she is professional, can be fully relied upon and will go beyond the ‘extra mile’ if her patients need her to do so. Without doubt she has been a shining star in what undoubtedly can be a difficult time for any family. For all of these things and the gift of our beautiful baby boy we will always be grateful. All our best wishes We will always be grateful to Dr ParulJonathan and Sumita
We came to India to meet Dr Parul Katiyar as we could not have a baby even after six years of our marriage. We had almost accepted that as God’s plan for us, but then one of our family friends suggested us to come and meet Dr Parul Katiyar at Max Hospital, Delhi before giving up all hope. We can’t describe in words the confidence we got from our very first meeting with Dr Parul Katiyar. She suggested us many tests and on studying the reports offered us a couple of very clearly chalked out plans. She then described us all the positives and negatives of both the options without scaring us. She gave us personalized care, answered all our questions and kept us positive all through the treatment and was always available for advice on phone even from Tanzania. We finally conceived in the second attempt at IVF and became proud parents of a healthy girl child last week – all thanks to Dr Parul’s expert treatment and care! Dr parul Katiyar is a very learned, confident and compassionate doctor and we would like to suggest her to all couples struggling with having a baby. May God be kind to Dr Parul! I owe completion of my family to Dr. Parul Katiyar and her team!Mrs U and Mr G, Tanzania
We are delighted to write this recommendation for Dr Parul Katiyar, by far the best doctor we have come across over last four years. We were having real difficult time because of poor sperm count in my husband and my polycystic ovaries. We came to see Dr Parul on a family member’s personal recommendation and I must say that she did not disappoint us at all. Dr Parul Katiyar reassured us in our first meeting itself that with latest techniques, we could still have a baby and after that never allowed us to lose faith and confidence. We had a positive pregnancy test in our first attempt at IVF under Dr Parul’s care and we finally had a baby this last December. We can’t really express in words our gratitude towards her. We must, however, thank her for her professionalism; never say die spirit, positivity and most of all bringing the hope back in our lives. Dr Parul is not just an excellent doctor, but also a great human being. We wish her best and strongly recommend her to every couple seeking medical help for having a baby. Dr. Parul Katiyar is the best infertility doctor and more than that a great human being!Mrs A and Mr M, Afghanistan
It gives me great pleasure to inform everyone that, medical efforts & care of Dr. Parul Katiyar has led to me enjoying my motherhood as on date. I was blessed with a cute baby boy in March, 2016. The IVF treatment by Dr. Parul Katiyar was a blessing for me and my husband. Dr. Parul Katiyar was readily available for an advice post IVF treatment also and was always there to guide & infuse positivity throughout critical first 3 months of my pregnancy period. She always gave me a feeling of someone who was a part of my family. Thank you very much Dr. Parul & Max Hospital for helping me in becoming mother. Dr. Parul Katiyar was always available for an advice and is almost part of my family now!Mrs P & Mr M, Delhi, India
I am thrilled to be having 2 years old baby now and can’t imagine being in this position without Dr. Parul. She is truly an exceptional doctor and I can’t praise her enough. In short, we had a great experience with her. I started seeing Dr. Parul in Year 2012, When someone that has wanted to be a mom & for the past Two years my husband and I have been struggling to begin our family and having two miscarriages. Dr. Parul quickly reassured me that I had numerous options, and that she was fairly confident that I would be able to get pregnant. Beginning my treatment was extremely overwhelming and at many times scary but Dr. Parul was amazing during the whole process. Dr. Parul Katiyar is an exceptional and confident doctor!Mrs U, Gurgaon, India
My husband and I have been trying for the past 5yrs for a second child, our first one (daughter) is 9 as I write this. We went to Fortis Hospital in New Delhi and met Dr. Parul through my gynecologist in 2013. Although we failed the 1st round of IVF, Dr. Parul and her staffs were very patient and helpful. We tried our 2nd time of IVF and got pregnant. This is my very 1st time of pregnancy after many failed IUI and 1 failed IVF trying for a second child. I specially want to thank Dr. Parul for her kindness. She is very helpful and prompt in answering all my questions and concerns. There’s no way I can conquer all the stress without Dr. Parul and her team’s caring efforts. I now have a handsome 45 day old son and would recommend consulting Dr. Parul for all your fertility needs.Mrs P, NOIDA, India
We had been trying for a baby for over 5 years without any success. We consulted many doctors in our country, but did not get any clarity on the reason for our failure to have a child. I am sure you are aware that identifying the cause of infertility is time consuming, emotionally draining and to be honest, at times embarrassing for the couple. Then we contacted Dr Parul Katiyar at Max Hospital, New Delhi on recommendation of one of our friends, who had taken treatment from Dr Parul and had conceived under her care. Dr. Parul Katiyar was extremely supportive, caring, and positive with us. She patiently answered our numerous (and I mean numerous) questions, and thoroughly addressed all of our concern, never once making us feel rushed. Her attention and dedication was the same high level during my first consultation as it was during my last appointment with her. Dr. Parul responded to every email and phone message that I left for her, within hours. At times, I truly felt like I was her only patient. Dr. Parul was absolutely fabulous on both a personal and professional level. She made both my husband and myself extremely comfortable during a stressful situation. Dr Parul Katiyar is incredibly knowledgeable in her subject and very patient with her patinets. I would strongly recommend her to any family and friend, without hesitation. She truly is an exception doctor and good human being. Every day my husband and I talk about the amazing gift Dr. Parul (Dr Angel) helped bring into this world and our gratitude will never lessen. Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.Mrs D and Mr T, UK
Our journey with Dr. Parul Katiyar was like a “dream come true” for us! We have been married for 3 years and had been running from one doctor to another for planning our family for over 2.5 years. We were worried as I had unexplained medical reasons given by other doctors and also our age was running with busy life. After meeting Dr Parul Katiyar at Max Multispeciality Hospital, Panchsheel Park, and our belief turned into reality. She gave us hope when we had lost all and we were thinking of adoption. Dr Parul actually came as a bright sparkling sunshine in our darkest of times. After evaluating my medical history, she advised me some diagnostic tests and a diagnostic hysteroscopy. As my investigation reports were good she planned an IVF for me. She decided to do IVF with blastocyst culture, with which I got pregnant. Thanks to her that I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I can’t even tell how happy we both are. We are on cloud nine and just can’t wait to see our bundle of joy, our little angel. Thanks to her professionalism we have realized our dream. Dr Parul Katiyar is not only an excellent doctor, who has given result to our expectation, but her personal support has been extraordinary for both me and my husband. Indeed, she had always made herself available for us, physically or on the phone at any hour of the day. This was the best support we could find to be with her. We both know that she had played a major role in this victory. One more time, we want to thank her so much, from the bottom of our hearts. The entire teams have been doing a great job, with kindness and special care.Mrs R and Mr A, New Delhi, India
I have no words to express my gratitude to Dr Parul Katiyar who has been like an angel in our lives. We came to India from Bhutan for treatment of infertility. We had been trying to have a baby for many years and have visited many doctors over the years, we but did not get the desired result and our wish of having a baby remained unfulfilled. We consulted with Dr Parul Katiyar at Max multispecialty Centre, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi on recommendation of one of our relatives, who herself was treated by Dr Parul for infertility and was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Dr Parul studied our case in depth and investigated us to find the real cause of poor fertility. Dr Parul first corrected the abnormality in my uterus and then advised me to go for IVF. We followed Dr Parul’s advice and went ahead with IVF under her care. Now while going back to our home in Bhutan, this all appears like a dream coming true, as I conceived in my first IVF cycle and am now 3 month pregnant. Meeting Dr Parul has been a very refreshing experience, as she gave us all the personalized attention we needed. Dr Parul is always accessible to her patients and is so friendly that we can easily discuss all our problems with her, which greatly reduced our stress levels and contributed to success of treatment in the first IVF cycle itself. We strongly feel that Dr Parul Katiyar is the best infertility doctor in Delhi and recommend Dr Parul to all patients who need treatment for their infertility related problems.Mrs P, Bhutan
I wanted to write to you to express our deepest gratitude to you and your staff. Our dreams of becoming Parents came true because of you. I will always appreciate your kindness and patience. You treated us very well in all aspects by listening to our quires & doubts even responding to our phone calls sometimes at very odd hours. You respected our feelings and worked with us. Your knowledge and expertise is something I will always admire. Thank you once again for helping us add to our family. Your professionalism and expertise added with your entire staff’s sensitivity and obvious care, is what keeps us recommending you to anyone we know facing the challenges we faced. Words cannot express our gratitude.Mrs R and Mr T, Kanpur, India
After going through multiple IUI’s and IVF’s in one of the best medical institutes, we were wondering if we will ever have the happiness of having a child in our lives. Then through one of our contacts we came to know Dr Parul Katiyar in Max Hospitals. After going through the medical procedures under the guidance of Dr Parul, we welcomed our twins after almost 9 months. We are so grateful to Dr Parul to help us in our arduous journey with positive end results. Dr Parul’s advice was very pointed and she ensured that patient’s best interests and the positive end results are always kept in mind above all other concerns. She ensured the righteousness of the procedure throughout our journey. We also found Dr Parul to be ethical as it’s very easy to bend the rules in this profession. Dr Parul also helped us to keep the right perspective and be motivated throughout procedure. We will highly recommend Dr Parul Katiyar for all above reasons.Mrs. And Mr U, Delhi, India
I, on behalf of myself and my husband and the entire family, wish to thank the almighty god for affording me with the opportunity to meet wonderful Dr Parul Katiyar at Max Multispeciality Centre, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi. We had been married for twenty years without a child. We were introduced to Dr Parul on arrival in India and had no doubt that we will get positive results. When we began our treatment under her care, I conceived in the first attempt, all because of her vast experience and the special and extraordinary way she treated us. We would, therefore, like to thank Dr Parul Katiyar for her time and knowledge and expertise she displayed during our fertility treatment that resulted in pregnancy. The ultrasound scan shows that I am now seven months pregnant. I wish to recommend all those who have a challenge in having children to seek treatment with Dr Parul, because she has excellent knowledge in all areas of fertility treatment. She creates time to monitor the treatment protocols personally and very effectively. Even though we are now in faraway Nigeria, she still monitors the progress of our growing baby regularly.Mrs. C and Mr. P, Nigeria
With this letter I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Dr Parul Katiyar. I feel great sense of obligation in expressing her contribution in our lives. Dr Parul has been the only doctor who never gave up on us and it is her shear knowledge and incredible experience in infertility that made us experience the wonderful feeling of parenthood. We, both me and my wife, have known Dr Parul for last 5 years. We first consulted her for IVF in year 2010. Right from the first meeting we could feel the commitment and professionalism in her approach. We sought her help as we were told that she has the highest success rate for IVF in Delhi and NCR region. However, we needed no further recommendations once we met her. All the procedures we underwent under her guidance were so very perfectly done that we were blessed with a baby girl in year 2012 in our first attempt at IVF. We owe it to Dr Parul only as she planned it so well and with perfection that we did not feel for a moment that it would fail. Thanks to Dr Parul and we wish her very best of luck in her life.Shubhra and Ayush, Delhi
Me and my partner were in the 4th year of our marriage and were in for a shock after my 2nd ectopic pregnancy considering the situation that IVF was the only option left for us to become parents. Life was not very pleasant emotionally. After we got over the initial shock, the overwhelming task of finding the right doctor and the right facility started. After lots of net surfing, advices from friends, colleagues and known doctors, we finally took an appointment with Dr. Parul Katiyar at Max Hospital, Panchsheel. That day we went to Dr. Parul with lots of apprehension and doubts in mind. We were explained the whole process of IVF (all types of conditions), the time frame of the complete procedure, costs involved and everything. All our queries were answered and we felt assured. Our case, by God’s grace, came out to be not very complicated due to our medical conditions. All the initial tests were subsequently done and then started the 1st cycle of IVF. All the procedures (hormone injection and monitoring, egg retrieval, collection of semen sample from partner, embryo transfer etc.) were completed without any problem. And nine months later we now have our twin daughters in our hand like two angels from the heaven. We had very good understanding with Dr. Parul and always listened to her advise. She was very professional and at the same time very caring and supportive and most importantly had an assuring confidence. We both are very happy and will be forever grateful to Dr. Parul and the whole medical staff at Max Hospital, Panchsheel for helping us live our dream.Shuddha and Alokananda Bose
The history of our lives will not be complete if we did not include Dr Katiyar Parul at Max Multi Specialty Centre, Panchsheel Park. One unique quality of this woman is that she is versed in infertility treatment and follows medical protocols to the core. We were introduced to her by a woman in our home country who Dr Parul successful treated for infertility and proudly has a daughter now. Therefore we had no doubt that we will get positive results when we begin our treatment with her this year (2015). On the first day we contacted her, our treatment started and the discoveries and corrective measures that followed during the course of the treatment were very professional and were are the heart of our infertility challenge. To cut long story short, God used Dr Parul to end over 10 years of waiting to have a baby and achieved this the first time she treated us. We would like to thank Dr Parul for the time, knowledge and expertise she displayed during our fertility treatment that resulted to a pregnancy. Few weeks ago we had a scan and our growing fetus is very normal and have just crossed the first trimester. I would recommend to all that read this testimonial and have been trying to have children with no success, should seek treatment with Dr Parul because she has the knowledge and expertise in all areas of infertility treatment and creates time to monitor the treatment protocols effectively. As I am writing this testimonial Dr Parul is still in close contact with us, monitoring the progress of our growing angel.Mr. T and Mrs. R, Nigeria