Getting Started

Pregnancy is a natural consequence of fertilization of egg with sperms resulting from normal reproductive activity of a couple. Approximately 90 percent of the sexually active couples are able to conceive naturally within one year of regular sexually active life.

Infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive even after trying to conceive and having frequent intercourse for one year. Up to 15% couples staying together and planning to have a baby struggle to conceive naturally. There can be multiple reasons for a couple’s inability to conceive and either or both the partners may have a biological reason for infertility. Male and Female factors account for almost equal percentage of cases of infertility.


Primary infertility is the condition in which the couple has never conceived. On the other hand it is labelled as secondary infertility if the couple is unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to live birth after the birth of one or more biological children. It is important for the couples to understand the normal biology of human reproduction and then the reasons for reproductive biology to become abnormal.