Egg Donation

Egg Donation is a treatment option for women who cannot conceive with their own eggs. The eggs donated by younger women are fertilised with the patient’s partner’s sperm and transferred in an appropriately prepared womb of the recipient. The patients or candidates for egg donation are women with

1. Premature Ovarian failure
2. Menopause
3. Iatrogenic ovarian failure due to surgery or radiation
4. Resistant ovary syndrome
5. Carriers of recessive autosomal disorders
6. Poor ovarian reserve
7. Women > 42 yrs as chance of becoming pregnant with own egg are very less.
8. Poor egg quality or multiple failed IVF attempts.

Steps in Egg Donation: The important steps in the egg donation program include

Egg donor screening and selection
Synchronisation of Donor’s and recipient Cycle
Ovarian stimulation of donor and endometrial preparation
Egg retrieval and fertilisation